TeamCity Server v.2019.1.5 read-only mode



we are finishing merging one big and one small TeamCity into one big instance. Meanwhile we'd like to keep that small one alive for a while.

The question is if it's possible to switch the instance to read-only mode keeping the same permissions and user access settings, without shuffling any build agents conditions and so on? Just put whole TeamCity server to RO mode.

I wonder as well if adding this param will work in this case and for TC 2019.1.5 (both servers above are independent, the small one is running on Linux):

"In 2018.1.x, add additional arguments to the  TEAMCITY_SERVER_OPTS environment variable: TEAMCITY_SERVER_OPTS=-Dteamcity.server.nodeId=<nodeID> -Dteamcity.server.role=read-only-server"



Do you mean you want to convert your old/small installation to a secondary node? Or do you just want to leave it up purely as a historical reference for a period of time?

There really were a lot of improvements to the multi-node feature from 2018.1 to 2019.1. In 2019.1, there were changes to the TEAMCITY_SERVER_OPTS arguments used in configuring a secondary node. You've probably already noticed this in our documentation here:

If you are planning on the multi-node configuration, it would be recommended to change your configuration to match the 2019.1 specifications. The 2018.1 arguments have been deprecated in 2019.2 and will cause the server to throw an error. There were also a large number of useful changes to the multi-node feature in 2019.2. If you're interested in learning more about these changes, you can read about them in the overview here:



Hi, yes, the question is about leaving it up purely as a historical reference for a period of time.

So any advise on that, please?


While this was not really the use-case we had envisioned with Read-Only mode, it seems like it should work as you are expecting. I would be curious to know if you do run into any complications, however. 


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