How to specify jacocoReport tool version in service messages?

jacocoReport generated by Gradle plugin with jacoco toolVersion=0.8.4 and sent via service messages on TC, could not be correctly parsed and displayed with default configuration. After some investigations and tests (because of lack of documentation and logs on TC), I have discovered that it was because TC is using embedded jacoco plugin with configured default toolVersion=0.7.5 to parse reports. And looks like it is impossible to specify the version per TC job configuration. Please, let me know if there is any way to specify jacoco tool version for reports send via service messages? Is it possible to specify a full format of parameters in documentation for jacoco plugin? Thanks
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Looks like I have found one workaround: go to build Parameters -> Add a new parameter -> specify Kind="System property", set Name = system.teamcity.tool.jacoco, set Value =%teamcity.tool.jacoco.0.8.4% (or other version, or %teamcity.tool.jacoco.DEFAULT%).

Taken from here: 

Is it correct way? If yes, could it be added to the documentation? 



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