Artifact Dependency Warning not included in Sever Health?


From time to time I stumble across a build configuration with the following warning:

You have snapshot dependency (possibly transitive) configured for the selected build configuration.
To obtain artifacts from a build with the same sources, select Build from the same chain.

The warning is completely legit, and is a situation where the artifact dependency should be corrected to get artifacts from "build from same chain".

I would have expected these warnings to show up under the Server Health, as well as the suggestions for the build project.  I suppose I'm just wanting some validation that I'm not crazy, and this sort of error list is not something that can easily be queried.

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Hi Brody,


you are not wrong, this info is not available in the Server Health report, not even when showing Info level messages. May I ask you to open a request in our tracker to add it to the server health report?


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