Why new checkout folder created inside buildagent work folder?

I noticed a checkout folder inside buildagent's work folder. Suddenly a new checkout folder created after fewdays inside buildagent's work folder. May I know the reason behind this? if I change the authentication method in teamcity (VCS), will it create new checkout folder? Or any other reason. We recently changed the authentication method from password to custom private key.

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Making any changes to your VCS settings will result in a new checkout directory on your agents. The name of the default checkout directory is automatically created as follows:

<Agent Work Directory>/<VCS settings hash code>

The VCS settings hash code is calculated based on the set of VCS roots, their checkout rules and VCS settings used by the build configuration (checkout mode). When you make a change to the VCS settings, such as the authentication method used, it will result in a new hash code and a new checkout directory.

We have some information on how this works available in our help documentation. You can also create a custom checkout directory, however, it is recommended to use the "auto" setting in most cases.


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