JRE Java Licensing Changes... Announcement?

Realizing this is a bit late to the party, and didn't see this posted here... JRE 

Has there been any public announcement from JetBrains / TeamCity around the major changes Oracle announced last year, which are now in affect (or are they?)


Should I / my company / users be concerned?

What should next steps be, if any?


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In our What's new for 2018.2 we changed from Oracle JRE to AdoptOpenjdk.net's version of OpenJDK JRE, you can find it here: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD18/What%27s+New+in+TeamCity+2018.2#What'sNewinTeamCity2018.2-OtherImprovements


While we already supported Open JDK in previous versions, now we have officially moved there as the distributed version of the JRE. If you are using the bundled version of the JRE, then just upgrading manually you will get the new one and thus won't need to care. Automatic upgrades will not replace the JRE and you would need to do it manually.


If you are using another provided version of the JRE, such as those in linux installations or 64 bit versions, you would probably want to move to the Open JDK as well if you haven't yet, but we cannot really provide much more here. Oracle's JRE should still work, but whether their licensing terms are good for your company is up to you to decide.

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Thanks Denis


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