Getting Jira Cloud Issue Tracker config

Hi everybody,

I try to get the Jira (Cloud) Issue Tracker link running...

We use Jira Cloud, the Link within Changed behind ABC-123 is working fine, but the inline list / Issue Log is not working...

When configuring the Issue Tracker Link and get the hint that I shall not enter an email address but the username (this hint is outdated as there are no usernames in Jira anymore and only emails...)

When testing the connection I get "unauthorized", trust me the auth is right ;-)

Any ideas? Something Cloud-special?



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Well, Jira Cloud requires email and API token instead of password, so before passing this on to our devs I'd like to ensure that you are using the API token instead of the account's password. We have updated the docs very recently to reflect this:

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The issue is that the dialog inside TeamCity indicates that you should use the username and NOT the email address.

As of June 2019, Jira wants you to use email address + API token to authenticate.   username + API token does not work.    username + password does still work, but who knows for how long (and you get warnings inside Jira when logging in as an site admin if you do this)

The warning message in this dialog needs updating to reflect this.   The field name should also be updated to say 'email address' instead of 'username'




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Hi Steve,


thanks for the tip, but that was clear already. The question was whether there was a deeper issue and email+api token were failing altogether or simply incorrectly displayed in the tooltip.


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