How can I get a EXE file bundled into a TeamCity agent?


I'm attempting my first TeamCity plugin, within which I want the plugin to execute a standalone .NET core EXE application.

I have my compiled my working EXE files for my .NET core application, and I now want to bundle that into the TeamCity agent.

My plan is for the build agent to execute the appropriate EXE application, which will call various APIs and generate a log report.  This log report will then get added as a custom report within the build artefacts and displayed as an additional tab for each project build executed (as per this example project covered via YouTube -

I have searched high and low, but I have not found anything that details how to get a set of additional, standalone, files (from my .NET core project) bundled into the TeamCity plugin.  Right now I'm trying to dissect other open source TeamCity plugin projects such as Octopus Deploy, but that is taking me some time to figure out.  

Any pointers or existing examples would be appreciated!

Thanks, Ben


Hi, you can include the binary right into the plugin distribution, see the Snyk plugin as an example: 


Hi Dmitry,

I've been looking into this, but as yet no luck.

Would it be possible to package up a ZIP file as a dependency, and get this unpacked as a plugin tool?

I've checked without any luck - is there any official documentation you can point me towards?

Thanks, Ben


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