MaintainDB vs REST API


I'm working on some Powershell scripts to automatically sync my backup TC server.  I'm planning on doing the following:

  1. using MaintainDB backup to create the backup file on the production server (without stopping the TC Service).
  2. zipping all the changed files in the Artifact folder
  3. have the backup server, pull the backup created by MaintainDB and the zipped artifacts.
  4. unzip the artifacts to the Artifacts folder.
  5. restore the database via the MaintainDB command.

Since I don't intend to stop the production TC instance to do the backup, which will be the better choice MaintainDB or the REST Interface.

I'm not concerned that running or queued builds will be excluded from the backup.

If I use the REST interface is there a way to restrict a specific user to only the backup function?  Can I use an API Key instead of a specific username/password?





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Hi Marc,


as of this writing, you cannot use an API key. With the introduction of 2019.1, which should hopefully happen today or tomorrow, we are introducing token based authentication which should allow to use the tokens.


What to use, whether REST or maintaindb is up to you, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. User filtering should be the same as in the web UI. If the user has permissions to do it via the UI, it should have permissions to do it via the REST API.

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Thanks.  Consider this resolved.


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