Teamcity+JAVA+ANT build_Sonarcube


Goal: to integrate sonarcube with current teamcity build config(java+ant)
Issue: Not sure how to include/specify the ant xml file(which build/runs the tests) in the sonar build step

What i have tried:

  • created a sonarcube runner build step which runs after my ant build step in teamcity
  • i do see my project on the sonar server and i have the project says “project is not analyzed yet”

Please help!!!

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What i have working:
I run the teamcity build with JACOCO coverage and it generates the coverage report on Team city.(its an index.html file)

What i want to achieve:NEED help!!
I want sonarcube to "see" this report generated in teamcity,which for the love of god i cant seem to get working.It just cant find the report! Also i get a warning saying "cant find classfile". i do provide the value ,i guess i am messing that up maybe.

what i am not sure about:
1.If i can get code coverage by using Team citys in built Jacoco plugin then why do i need sonarcube?
2.Will sonarcube also **again** do its own code coverage? If so does it use JACOCO under the hood?


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