Why Not TeamCity Building Project With Last Commit?

Hi everyone,

I'm new in TeamCity and using it to build and get war file from source code that is in the Github Repo. I set up a VCS trigger to build automatically project when I commit to my Java web project. On VCS trigger I only checked " Trigger a build on each check-in" box. I didn't define any rule. When I send a commit, the build starts but not with latest commit. The build starts with commit that before the latest commit. I haven't got Branch specification on Version Control Settings. How can TeamCity build the project with latest commit in the Gihub repository? 

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It should definitely build the last one in the repository by default. If you check the "Trigger a build on each check-in", on every pass that TeamCity runs over the repository, it will trigger a build for each new commit. For example, if in the last minutes you added 3 commits, instead of running a single build with all 3, it will run a build for each of the commits. This might lead you to think that it's actually triggering a build for older commits, but the newer ones will be waiting in the queue to be run afterwards. If that's not the case, please collect the full build log, which you can get by accessing the build log page and clicking on download full build log on the top right corner, then send it to us using the "submit a request" button above.


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