How to send an email with the link of builded files by Teamcity?

Hi all!

We have Teamcity hosted into our servers (but it's not easy to access physically to these servers and to the SMTP server, because I'm working in a Bank).

We receive an email when the build starts and when the build finishes. But we also need to receive a link to download the files builded (if the building process was successfully). Now, the only way to download these files is entering to our Teamcity page, and looking for the .zip file that was created.

I've searched on the Web (including the Teamcity documentation), but I didn't find what I'm searching for. For example, I cannot find certain options under Administration, and I don't understand if under "My Settings & Tools" -> "Notification Rules" I must find an option to modify the emailing.

We are using TeamCity Enterprise 2017.2.3 .

Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi Francisco,

Currently there is no built-in support for adding artifact links to email notifications. Not sure if you've seens this, but as mentioned in our documentation, you may try to use the plugin given in this issue and edit the Freemarker email template to add the artifact links.



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