Git checking triggers build for every new branch even though there are no changes (that are not excluded)

We have many builds configured for the same git repository with VCS trigger rules that look like this:


There is also a branch filter, like this:


Recently I notice that every build on a new branch seems to trigger on every commit. On the Overview tab the build says it was triggered by git, but on the Changes tab it says "There are no changes found." If TeamCity can see that there are no changes why not cancel the build?

I don't think this always happened - it may have started since the upgrade to TeamCity 2018.2.

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Hi Evgeny,


first things first, we would recommend, in case it applies, to use VCS Checkout rules on top of the VCS Trigger rules. By using VCS Checkout rules, you will prevent the folders from being checked out, but also from being taken into account for triggering and changes review. If the folders are for other project but share a same repository, this is a much better approach. If the projects do need to be checked out for the builds but should not trigger builds, then the VCS Trigger rules should apply and be applied properly.


If you cannot use VCS Checkout rules, I'd suggest replicating the issue, then collecting the teamcity-vcs.log and teamcity-server.log files and sending them to us for review using the "Submit a request" button on top of this page.


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