Project list shows "Loading Data..."

 I have a new installation of TeamCity 2018.2. In various places that should contain a list of projects, it displays "Loading data..." The places I currently see it are the Projects drop-down and the Depend On field for Artifact Dependencies". The dependencies are the biggest area of concern. Can anyone help?




could you check whether it reproduces in different browsers and for other users as well?
Are there any JavaScript errors in the browser developer tools (accessible via F12)?
Are there any errors in the server's teamcity-server.log?


A quick follow up. A colleague pointed out that we have seen this in the past with issues with IIS proxy settings when IIS is used as a proxy:


This hints might help in fixing the issue, please check those out.


I found that shortly after posted this and it did fix the issue. I hadn't gotten to come back and respond.




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