Error while applying changes with versioned settings


We enabled versioned settings on one sub-project in Teamcity 2018.1.3 (build 58658) with Kotlin code setting. Teamcity exported all the projects properly to the git repository.

Now, we are trying to push a code change using git and Teamcity throws an error: "Project settings were changed while update from VCS was running, skip updating settings to revision xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

We cannot find this error anywhere in the Teamcity documentation. We tried reverting the git commit and Teamcity still complains about the changes.

Teamcity seems to be stuck on something and it doesn't give any information about what is the issue or how to fix it.

Any idea what we should do?

thank you

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The same problem, TeamCity 2019.2.4

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This error commonly means that there were changes made to the project settings via the UI (or some plugin made them) after the last change was loaded from the VCS but before its settings were committed to the repository by teamcity, which means that the commit you pushed to the repository would conflict with those changes. You can find more information about the whole versioned settings process in the teamcity-versioned-settings.log, which could have some more details about your specific issue.


Due to this, this is rarely a bug or a misbehavior and is commonly an issue that needs to be checked in a one-by-one basis when the problem cannot be resolved by checking the message and the logs. In many scenarios you just need to let teamcity commit the changes, pull those, merge, etc. If the issue is different, we would need details of that process.


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