rest-api for 2018.2.x?


TeamCIty 2018.2 version is out already but I can't find rest-api in your SVN for the version. When we can expect it to be released there?


Thank you in advance,


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Hi Jan,


A couple points here:

-The REST API for version 2018.2 shares its endpoints and parameters with 2018.1. Even though it has received a number of bugfixes and internal updates, the API itself hasn't changed.

-I just realized the REST API sources were made public via the SVN. We have recently moved the project internally to git and it's likely that making it public just hasn't happened yet. I'll get in touch with the people in charge of that and we'll come back with an update as soon as I get any info.

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A quick follow-up. After forwarding your request internally, we have updated our documentation and the link to the sources. They should be available now here:


If you have any further question please don't hesitate to ask.


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