"Cloud image is not configured to stop agents gracefully"

We have a home-grown cloud plugin, and one of our images is listed as "Cloud image is not configured to stop agents gracefully. The agent that was not stopped gracefully might be assigned with the build."

What does this mean?  We have several images that do not have this "!".  What is this message trying to tell us?

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My 2 cents ; same problem with some Ubuntu 18.04 VM via OpenStack plugin integration.

The root cause is that the "agent.sh stop" is not call and/or there is problem during stop. ie: the agent launcher can't connect to agent to stop it.
In my case, the "logs/buildAgent.xmlRpcPort" was not exist (deleted previsouly) and connection to http://localhost:9090/ was fail (don't know why). The log is explicit on that (but you should connect to a VM and reboot it manually to analyse system start/stop process ; systemd, ...).

In my context, the solution was to replace the LSBInitScript (/etc/init.d/teamcityagent) by a native systemd unit file (teamcity-agent.service) - see https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD18/Setting+up+and+Running+Additional+Build+Agents#SettingupandRunningAdditionalBuildAgents-AutomaticAgentStartunderLinux

On Ubuntu 18.04, the dependencies (network, filesystem, ...) seems better managed with that (and more sustainable, ... LSBInitScript seems oldschool).

I hope it can help ...
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