Override Resolving Artifacts process via TeamCity OpenAPI Custom Plugin

Hi JB/TC -

Is it possible to override the Resolving Artifacts step with a custom plugin?

We have one large file (26 GB) that is an artifact dependency that takes over an hour to download during the `Resolving Artifacts` step.  We have an internal TeamCity server running on the same box as our FileShare server.

We have already created a plugin that speeds up the 'Publishing' of artifacts via java.nio.files copy library instead of the standard Web publisher.  And this increased our artifact publishing efficiency by 4x.

Knowing this, we would also like to do the following with a custom `Resolving Artifacts` plugin.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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i can't find how to override resolving all files at once, but you can override file downloading like in torrent plugin: https://github.com/JetBrains/teamcity-torrent-plugin/blob/master/agent/src/jetbrains/buildServer/torrent/TorrentTransportFactory.java


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