Running multiple agents on the same disk

I am getting an out of disk space error running 3 agents on a single ram disk that is 64GB. When the agents have queued builds they will not cleanup their .old folders till they are no longer busy or they hit the 14GB limit we set using the Free Disk Space feature. The problem I am running into is that the 3 agents are on the same disk and can not cleanup each others .old folder. So the agent will attempt to cleanup enough space and cleanup their own .old (if they have one) and then will still not have enough room to build but will start building any ways. This causes the build to fail with an out of space error.

Is there any way to make the agent wait until the disk has enough space or to trigger the cleanup of the other agents .old folders?


By default it's just 3 GB of free space. You can configure this value. More info here


@PetrVecera The problem I am running into is that even with that set different agents will not cleanup after each other. So agent A could have 3 builds in it's .old folder and agent B will not clean them up even if the limit is hit.


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