Accurev - VCS 'Edit checkout rules', not doing this correctly?


Fairly new to this.  I am not clear on how to use the VCS checkout rules against the Accurev repository.  I have a repository with multiple folders (Visual studio solutions, each in its own folder).  I have the build of one of the solutions working fine.  I want to reduce\restrict what is pulled from the repository.  I only want to build (and thus only want to pull the App2 folder\solution).  Do you need to mention the depot in the rules, or just the folders?  For example, I have tried the following to eliminate pulling App1 and App3.  I have tried this with and without the stream name "depot1", and still it pulls everything.  There are no errors when creating the rules, or doing running the build, but everything is still being pulled.  Is this not doable, or, does this restricting have to happen in Accurev instead of TeamCity?


Comment actions Permalink  This is dated 2011, it says " Checkout rules are not fully supported".  Is that still true?

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Hello Louis,

Accurev is a third party plugin. Please contact plugin developer for more details.


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