How can I add extra plugin to integrated idea to proceed with idea inspections?



I tried to add lombok plugin into integrated idea (put it to buildAgent/tools/idea/plugins folder). There are no problems in log files, but after I added this plugin my build hungs on "Analyzing code ... 86%".

Can I proceed somehow with extra idea plugins?

TeamCity version is 10.0.1.

Thank you!


After I removed this plugin - it still hangs on build. Seems like some common problem.


Hello Oleksandr,

Please take a look on plugin installation instructions:
Regarding the reported issue, could you please try to run the same build via command line as noted in the guidelines. Does the build run successfully?


Hello Alina!

I found the issue. The problem was in memory limit. I extended xMX for this step from 1.5GB to to 2GB and now it works.


Thank you for the update. Glad that issue was resolved!


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