Remote run - "Failed to post changes to TeamCity server"



Using the TeamCity remote run (pre-tested commit), I'm facing some issues when posting or getting changes from / to the TeamCity Server.

Apparently, when the number of file changes is very low the problem doesn't happen.

It started to happen when trying to remote run 31 file changes (which still seems a low number). First, the error "Failed to post changes to TeamCity server" appeared when posting changes to the server, other times it happens when getting incoming changes.

Any hint on how I can analyze this?



Hello Diogo,

What TeamCity version do you use? What IDE do you use? What VCS type is used?

Do you see any errors on server-side? 



Sorry for the late reply. The IDE is Visual Studio, with SVN and TeamCity 9.

We found out (by hitting the wall) that the problem was a limit on the number of characters of the remote run message.

You should make it more clear what is the limit of the message, because that's what was hitting the wall on this particular case :)

Best Regards,

Diogo Oliveira


Thank you for your feedback! We will take a look how it can be improved. 


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