Fail Build On Metric "ANT Javac Warnings"


Building my project with ANT takes about 5 mins.

However, running the default inspections has taken 30 minutes so far and it isn't even at 10 % :o

The only reason I am running the inspections is so that I can fail the build if the number of warnings increases.

I compile the code like this:

<javac memoryMaximumSize="2G" fork="true" debug="true" destdir="${build.classes.dir}" srcdir="${src.dir}" includeantruntime="false">
<classpath refid="build.classpath"/>
<compilerarg value="-Xlint:all"/>
<compilerarg value="-Xmaxwarns"/>
<compilerarg value="50000"/>

ANT outputs a list of warning and a summary like this:

1595 warnings

How can I use that as a metric and fail the build if the number of warnings increases?


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You can report custom metric using service messages, see the related section in TeamCity online documentation. Also you can add this custom metric as failure condition.

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I have already read the documentation and can't work out how to do it.

Can you be more explicit please.

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You can report the custom metric from your Ant script using service message. They should be printed into a standard output stream of the build, e.g.:

##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='AntJavacWarnings' value='<value>']

If everything is configured correctly, you'll be able to see the reported metric on build's Parameters > Reported statistics values page.

Then you can add this metric to main-config.xml file as described here and use this metric as build failure condition.



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