How send parameters between builds or change their?


I have two builds agent AgentA, AgentB. And I need send informations from AgentA to AgentB about current builds configurations.

  • AgentA use in builds configrations FTP Deploy to send data on AgentB
  • AgentB run finish trigger after build AgentA. AgentB use only cleaning task in file system after build.

Now AgentB not have information about concrete build task from AgentA for cleaning desire folder. How I send this information between different builds?


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Hello Abedron,

You can configure dependencies (artifacts or snapshot) between build configurations. See the section:

Using artifact dependency you can downloaded files roduced by AgentA before build on AgentB. Snapshot dependency guarantee that the builds will run on the same sources.

If you have any of dependency configured between build configurations, then it's possible to share properties between builds. See the section for more details.


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