NUnit Runner Failure - Stack Overflow exception


Im getting a stack overflow exception when running tests on the TC server.

The tests run fine locally using Resharper/NCrunch.

Is there any way i can get more info on what is going wrong?

Am i right in thinking that the error is logged after the test that caused it?

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Hello Justin,

Could you please try to investigate the issue using the following guidelines? If the dedicated runner does not work in TeamCity, then please attach logs requested in the linked section.

Thank you!

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Sorry for the late reply. But its actually the JetBrains Coverage tool that causes the stack overflow and not the tests themselves.


As soon as i turn on the coverage in TeamCity i get the error

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Hi Justin,

Could you please attach screenshot of the build step settings, full build log and teamcity-agent.log from the agent machine where the build fails?


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