Is there a way to move archived projects from the web interface.


I have a project hierarchy all of which is archived. I would like to reorganize the projects within this archived hierarchy by moving them around via the web interface, however the "Move to project" dropdown in the "Move to Project" dialog does not allow selection of archived projects so it is not possible to move to an already archived project. Is there some other way to accomplish this on TC 9.1.1 without having to unarchive the destination project, move to it and then rearchive it?.

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He Geoff,

Currently it's not possible to move projects into archived projects. Please vote for the request:

Current workarounds are to:

  1. Unarchive projects, perform move operation, archive
  2. Edit .xml file on disk in TeamCity data directory. Or you can store Project setting in version control and edit them in VCS.
    Also in TeamCity 10.0 EAP2 DSL for TeamCity project configuration is supported, please try it out.

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