Agent missing from teamcity with no record in Audit about delition



Is it possible for agent to disappear from all lists of agents (authorized/unauthorized/connected/disconnected) without anybody removing it from Teamcity?

We have several standalone agents that disappeared from teamcity. Machines were shut down for some time (or unaccessible from Teamcity server). But nobody deleted them from UI. And there is no mention about delete (or unauthorization) in Administration-Audit for this agents.

There is no suspicious agents in any pool with strange names either. Checked it in case agents renamed itself. 

Is it possible for agent to be removed automaticaly after several days of being disconnected (but authorized)?

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Hello Alexey,

Disconnected agents are deleted from the server after a timeout which defaults to two weeks. You can change the timeout by settings "teamcity.server.cleanup.agents.inactivityDays=-1" server internal property to disable agents cleanup.


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