Does TeamCity shares tests changes from different branches?

We are developing a project using Git, Gerrit and TeamCity. we had a test that was failing, and TeamCity reported it correctly. Then we had 2 commits submitted at the same time, one of them fixed the test. The tests started running for both commits. The first commit passed with all of the tests. The second commit, due to not pulling the changes yet, passed all of the tests except for the broken one. Nevertheless, Teamcity didn't report on it and just hid this test. It even updated Gerrit as if the tests passed. The test was not muted in teamcity, and when I checked the run area of the tests I could see the test ran and failed- just wasn't reported.

Is this a bug or just a strange feature? I can understand the logic behind such behavior, but not without reporting on the failing test.



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Hello Ori,

What TeamCity version and runner is used? Could you please attach full build log and screenshots illustrating the issue?


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