TrayNotifier Quick View window - unable to connect


I am having some problems with the TrayNotifier Quick View window. We am running TeamCity Enterprise 8.1 (build 29879).

A couple of months ago the Quick View window stopped working with the error message "Unable to connect to the TeamCity server".

However the status bar icon indicates that there is a connection since it shows the correct icon corresponding to the current build status.

I can also launch TeamCity viewer in my browser via "Go to Projects Page...".

We are using "Microsoft Windows domain" credentials authentication modules and both "Basic HTTP" and "NTLM HTTP" HTTP authentication modules - the latter with "Allow protocols: "NTLM, Negotiate, Kerberos", forced protocols: "NTLM""

Any ideas how to resolve this? Are there any log files I can view to help diagnose?










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Hello Stuart,

Could you please try to reinstall Windows Tray notifier? Do you have any antivirus installed? If yes, please try to uninstall it.

If nothing helps, then please upgrade to the latest TeamCity version (9.1.7 as of now) and check if the issue is still actual. If it is reproduced on the latest version we will be interested in investigating the case in more detail. I do not think an investigation makes sense in earlier TeamCity versions as the issue might not be actual already and even if not, we will not be able to provide any patches/fixes to an obsolete version.

Thank you!

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Hi Alina,

Thanks for your reply. I've tried re-installing and fiddling with the registry but to no avail. We do have antivirus but it's a corporate locked down environment so I'm not able to disable and/or uninstall it.

I understand you won't be able to investigate a previous version - we intend to upgrade to the latest version over the next month or so.

Are there any log files or logging switches for the notifier I can use to try and diagnose?



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Hi Stuart,

Unfortunately at the moment there is no additional logging, please vote for the request:

The error message"Unable to connect to the TeamCity server" is displayed if Tray Notifier cannot reach %teamcity-url%/license.html page. Could you please try to open%teamcity-url%/license.html page in Internet Explorer on your machine? Does it work?


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