Build Agent connecting to new TeamCity server. Is an upgrade required?



We have our TeamCity server and Build Agents installed on separate remote machines. We are now going to move the projects from this server to a new TeamCity server, but the Build Agents will remain the same and will need to connect to the new server.

But the current TC server's version is 9.0, and the new server's version is 9.1.5. Do we need to upgrade the Build Agents as well, or will the same build agents be able to work with the new server without any issue? If an upgrade is essential, which Build Agent version is compatible with TC server version 9.1.4 or 9.1.5?



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Hello Waqas,

Agents connected to the server are automatically upgraded to the version corresponding to the server.

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Got it. Thanks.

And what if the target TC server has a lower version than the current version? Will the build agents automatically downgrade as well?

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Hi Syed,

Sorry for delay. When agent is connected to the server it's updated to the version corresponding to the server. If TeamCity server has lower version, then agent will downgrade.


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