NAnt runner does not work

I've installed TeamCity on a Win 2003 server, but the NAnt runner does not work. I get following message on the project page: Incompatible runner: 'NAnt'. The MSBUILD runner works fine.

In the output log I can see the following:
Runner NAnt was not registered
Registered 4 on http://localhost:80 with name 'buildsrv01' on IP

I've installed V1.2 Build 1771

Do I have to configure something special to make NAnt working? Please help!

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Hello Stephan,

From our FAQ :

On the build agents that should run NAnt builds you'll need to set up the environment variable NAntHome. You can specify it in the agent's properties file (buildAgent\conf\ by adding env.NAntHome property. Note that property name is case-sensitive. This environment variable should provide path to NAnt distribution folder. Please, use NAnt build which is newer than 0.85 RC4.

In, you should also specify one or both system properties for .NET framework: system.DotNetFramework1.1 and/or system.DotNetFramework2.0

Hope, this helps.

Kirill Maximov
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Thank you very much for the fast reply. My problem is fixed now.


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