Maven release plugin

I am trying to get maven release plugin to work with TeamCity 3.0 Build 5813. I have been trying to read all over the internet :) to get this to work. I have configured the checkout mode to checkout on agent but when running the goal release:prepare i get the following error:

: Checking in modified POMs...
: Executing: svn --username mive --non-interactive commit --file C:\BuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\maven-scm-1923426915.commit C:/BuildAgent/work/Agent/7144cd5df749af2/pom.xml
: Working directory: C:\BuildAgent\work\Agent\7144cd5df749af2
: -

: -

: Unable to commit files
: Provider message:
: The svn command failed.
: Command output:
: svn: Arkiveringen misslyckades (mer information f”ljer):
: svn: MKACTIVITY till '/svn/mvntest/!svn/act/94fa4e9d-ff87-5a4c-b5e4-a7ded3c5b13a': beh”righetskontroll misslyckades (http://tx0201)

Why do i get this error message? My guess is that it have something to do with that it is teamcity that checks out the files and then the maven release plugin wants to commit files and tag the repository.

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Could you please try to check something in from the agent working directory manually and login into svn manually if client request login?
I guess automatical checkout does not save credentials into local settings directory. Could you please check if it helps?

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Yes it helped! Now it works!

Thanks! Now i like TeamCity even more :)

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Thank a lot for the feedback and the kind words :) We will try to fix the problem and make agent checkin to work without such a workaround.


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