Is Ant a second class citizen on Teamcity?

It seems that code inspections and duplicate detection for projects is available only if it uses maven2 scripts.

Is there any way to use these from an ant script? If not, are there any plans to create ant tasks to support these in the future?

Or will Ant always remain a second class citizen on Teamcity?

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Inspections and duplicate detection engine rely on IntelliJ IDEA project model. To perform such an analysis full description of the project structure is required. Ant script cannot provide such a structure in a clear way.

To run inspections and duplicates for your project you can get one copy of IntelliJ IDEA (even trial one), prepare project file (ipr, iml files) and put it to the version control for inspection and duplicate runners.

We may support running inspection and duplicates for Eclipse project in some future, but I won't give promises here.

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