Support MbUnit test framework?

Hi there

We're going to be trying out TeamCity for our build server, working on .NET
projects. However, we don't see anywhere that MbUnit is supported. All
of our tests are MbUnit-based.

Is that the case? If it is, will it change? Is anyone working on a plugin
for TeamCity in the same way that there's a plugin for R#'s test-runner to
support MbUnit tests?

I see there is a JIRA issue for this (
that is linked against TeamCity v3.1. It would be OUTSTANDING if that were
to be done in the very-almost-complete-looking v3.1! It also looks as if
someone has made MSBuild tasks for appending test-results to the TC report
XML - .

Have I just answered myself? :)


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Hi Peter,

Adam Tybor is looking at writing a plugin for the next version of MbUnit to provide better integration with TC (see For now I'm using a combination of the TeamCity MSBuild tasks you cited to pull out the stats and including the html report generated by the MbUnit MSBuild task in the build artifacts.



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