A must have for me in continuous build system is web testing.

Our .net vs2008 application is mostly web and was not written in a way to integrate easily with unit testing (sadly). We really need to have web tests (like in vs2008) to prove that our web application is really working.

Can someone tell me what they use for web testing while using team city? It seems to me everyone else must have this problem also.


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You might be able to use the new service messages via standard output coming in 3.1 to run/report on tests with TeamCity.


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You can change the build agent credentials to Local System and set the flag interact with desktop. Then you can run Waitn tests with tc nunit launcher. Your mileage may vary, but it worked for me. I get random timeout failures every now and then and you need to make sure you cleanup after yourself. But other than it works.

I am using the visual studio 2008 webdev server (formerly cassini), it makes tests pretty slow, I would suggest hitting iis directly instead if you can.

I would strongly suggest refactoring your app to get test coverage with a tool like nunit, waitn is extremely slow. Just making regular http requests to an iis server and asserting things from the response html would be much faster that actually firing up IE with waitn.


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