TeamCity + NAnt + Code coverage

Hi, now when TeamCity Professional is free I guess there will be a lot of shops trying it. We have most of our projects configured with NAnt and integration with TeamCity was simple.

However I found out that I can't run code coverage using NCover. Is it just a configuration or is this not supported at all? If it is not supported will it be possible to add this to TeamCity? NCover is a standard tool in .NET development and it would be nice to have that integrated to TeamCity.


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I got coverage working, I ran ncover with mbunit in the nant scripts though.
I then just imported the generated Ncover html page.
and added the following to the TeamCity configuration:
<report-tab title="Code Coverage" basePath="ncover" startPage="CoverageSummary.html" />
as the artifacts imported were /ncover/CoverageSummary.html
and some other artifacts too.

This gave me a tab on the build results page with Code Coverage and showed the ncover result when clicked.

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Just to add to Owen's post, check out which explains what you need to do to add a custom report, custom stats and modify the build label.

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I got it working now. Thank you very much.

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I made a full description of the steps I needed to integrate NCover with Team City on my blog:

Hope it helps

Laurent Kempé


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