TC 3.0.1 not picking up pending changes for "Release-Candidate" builds


New TeamCity (3.0.1, build 6039) does not show pending changes for our release-candidate build. I've tried attaching a VCS root with no checkout rules and restarting the server, but it makes no difference.

Last change under the VCS root was today (9 apr), but "Pending Changes" tab shows no changes even though latest build (which succeeded) was 2 april. And Project home-page also shows no changes pending. Neither does "Change Log" tab show any changes since last build, although for the continuous build configpointing to the same VCS rootthere are pending changes showing on this tab.

Here's a "Settings" tab listing of a sample "Release Candidate" configuration:

General settings edit »
Name: ReleaseCandidate
Description: none
Build number format: , next build number: #130
Clean all files before build: ON
Maximum number of simultaneously running builds: 1
Fail build if at least one test failed: ON
Execution timeout: disabled
Status widget: enabled
Version control settings edit »
VCS checkout mode: Do not checkout files automatically
Checkout directory:
VCS labeling: disabled
Attached VCS roots:
Name Checkout rules Set label
drw.projects.risk +:rci/api/riskxl/trunk => . NO

Runner: Command Line edit »
Type of runner: simpleRunner (Simple command execution)
Command executable: C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe
Command parameters:
devnas\Builds\conf\scripts\tc3\ prod
Artifact paths: none specified
Build triggering edit »
Build configuration is active (triggering enabled).
Trigger build by vcs check-in: OFF
Start new build if last build is failed: OFF
Triggering by time: not configured
This configuration depends on: not configured
Artifact dependencies edit »
There are no artifact dependencies
Properties and environment variables edit »
System properties: none defined
Environment variables: none defined
Agent requirements edit »
Requirements for system properties:
drw.BuildGroup contains RC contains Windows
Requirements for environment variables: none defined

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I was expecting the pending changes query to have been since the last build. However, it seems that pending changes begin to be picked up once the VCS root is added, but a gap exists between the previous build and the point that the VCS root is added. Can someone confirm this behavior?

Edited by: Chris Walquist on Apr 10, 2008 12:16 PM

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You are right, the changes are listed since the moment VCS root was attached/modified and with some scenarios of the roots editing some changes may be not listed in TeamCity.

We have an issue to address that:
Please watch/vote for it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Project Manager
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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