Copied configurations use the same work folder?

I recently copied an existing configuration, thinking I would get two independent configurations. Thing is, they continued to use the same work folder (imagine my confusion when things seemed to be missing, show up unexpectedly, etc ...). Is this to be expected?

The file makes this pretty clear ...

bt16=Development Continuous Integration::Refactoring -> 70fef5e2fc7d7bfa |?| Jul 2, 2008 4:46:58 PM PDT |:| default
bt20=Development Continuous Integration::refactoring-buildr -> 70fef5e2fc7d7bfa |?| Jul 2, 2008 10:29:47 PM PDT |:| default

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If two different build configurations share the same VCS root their sources can be placed to the same folder on agent. Otherwise disk space on agents will run out pretty fast. I would recommend to have a stage in a build which will clean compiled classes or other garbage produced during a build.

Pavel Sher

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the quick response!


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