Team City 3.1.2 not finding artifacts?

Hey all,

I upgraded my Team City to 3.1.2 yesterday and now I'm noticing that its not picking up any defined build artifacts (dist/*.jar => dist), I see the artifacts on disk in my dist directory but T/C doesn't seem to pick them up.

From the build agent log I see:

INFO - nt.runner.GenericProgramRunner - bundle monitoring built at /build/app/TeamCity-3.1.1/buildAgent/work/1fb9093e5d659803/dist/smx3-monitoring-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Publishing artifacts 'dist/*' to dist
WARN - jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Artifacts path dist/* not found
INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Done publishing artifacts dist/* => dist, total files published: 0
INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Publishing artifacts 'teamcity-info.xml' to root artifacts directory

Is this a known bug? Any work around?


Hello Mark,

Please check that checkout directory (3rd line in the full build log) indeed contains the dist subdirectory with expected files.
What is the exact line you use for artifacts? As I can see from your pattern, we didn't make changes since 3.1.1 which may break it.
The only related issue we've fixed is



The first three lines:

: Checking for changes
: Clearing temporary directory: /build/app/TeamCity-3.1.2/buildAgent/temp/buildTmp
: Checkout directory: /build/app/TeamCity-3.1.2/buildAgent/work/1fb9093e5d659803
: Clean build enabled: removing old files from /build/app/TeamCity-3.1.2/buildAgent/work/1fb9093e5d659803
: Updating project sources

Hrm. Interesting - the build is writing the dist files to 3.1.1/buildAgent - seems we just found a bug in our custom build tool that was keeping tabs on build locations in multiple places, and only updated one of them to 3.1.2.

Every move on... nothing to see here -)


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