TeamCity Calcutta (4.0) EAP, build 7601, is available

New TeamCity EAP release (build #7601) is ready for download!

It's been a while since the previous EAP release. We were busy reworking some internals to allow for new features.
Hopefully, we will be able to make EAP releases more often now.

So, what's new:
- ability to run builds not on the current sources (history builds);
- new type of dependency to force several builds use sources corresponding to the same moment;
- reworked build configuration Change Log with options to hide builds and display changes between specific builds;
- new search back-end that finds the search terms in more build fields;
- as always: fixes, improvements, other minor features.

We urge you to try this release and let us know what you think about the new features and what you find most important improvements to them.

Read about the changes in the release notes.

Download the EAP build at

Please do not forget to backup your TeamCity data before upgrading. You can find the instructions at

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated!

Happy building,
The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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Hi folks,

i am very happy that you realized the "Same-sources Dependencies" feature, which for me is the most important feature in the 4.0 release. We are going to use it for staged builds: First build with unit test, followed by several stages of integration and acceptance tests.

BTW, The new EAP build 7601 is not yet mentioned on the Calcutta roadmap document (



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