Agent doesn't have this build anymore

Hi all,

We had a massive load issue on our Teamcity server and it's somehow got itself confused and no longer builds anything.

We have one build agent which is stuck in a "cancelling build" state, from the logs I see:

WARN - jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Remove zombie build from database 938 on agent Default agent
INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Running build bt5 on Default agent:938 was interrupted: FINISHED_UNEXPECTEDLY

I've tried all manner of stopping/starting both TeamCity and the agent with no joy. Even when the agent's stopped TeamCity shows the in-progress build cancellation.

Is there anything I can do? Any files to delete/tweak/hack to force the status of the agent back to normal?

We're running against the default HSQLDB database (I should really move to postgres thou).


Managed to solve/work-around the issue by deleted the build profile and recreating it.


If possible please submit bug report to our tracker with build logs attached.

Pavel Sher


Hi Pavel, I have pretty much the same thing.

I have restarted both the build machine and the server, when I startup the server again on the mainpage it just keeps looping on stopping the build.

# Cancelled (Tests passed: 510, ignored: 94) No artifacts No changes started: 16 Sep 08:26 Stopping

Below are my logs, I would hate to delete the configuration and loose the whole history of the builds.



I have posted my suggested solution for this issue which prevents any data loss. The solution has provided our team the means to continue with all our history and builds are now running without issue. I plan to monitor our builds and the TC server the rest of the week but things seem good.



The problem will be fixed in the upcoming Calcutta EAP build.



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