Subversion VCS Labeling Triggers Build In Endless Loop

Hi everyone,

The SVN automatic labeling feature seems to be triggering builds in an endless loop. When a build ends, the label is created and then about a minute later the project begins building again. The "Change log" tab shows only the following for each build:

Labeled automatically by TeamCity (1 file)

The file tooltip shows this:

added Utilities/tags/ (directory)

Basically it keeps adding a new subdirectory under tags and that triggers a build, so I tried to add the following as a trigger pattern:


but it's not working. I also tried variations of relative and absolute paths with and without the /** wildcard but it doesn't make a difference.

The VCS root URL is the following:{our company name}/

The Utilities folder is immediately under the {our company name} folder.

The configured label pattern is the following:


What trigger pattern must I use?

Admittedly I don't like the idea of having to add a trigger pattern so that simple labeling works correctly but I can certainly understand if this is just an SVN "limitation". Unfortunately I have no choice but to use SVN for this project.

Any help is appreciated.


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It seems there is a bug in that **-ended rules does not apply to directories. Please try "-:Utilities/tags" trigger pattern. I filed the issue into our tracker.

BTW, do you really need the build to checkout the full repository? You can try to limit the build's sources to several directories without the tags. You can use checkout rules for that. e.g. the following checkout rules will not checkout Utilities/tags at all.

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Project Manager
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Hi Yegor,

Thanks for the reply.

I honestly didn't think about inversing the trigger pattern to only include what is needed but I think that's because I needed everything except for the tags folder, which is a new concept to me having just begun to use SVN and TeamCity.

Anyway, taking your advice, I copied and pasted your suggested configuration into the build trigger and it worked great.

Since it works now I haven't checked to see if -:Utilities/tags (i.e., without the wildcard **) would work. When I tried removing the wildcard in my previous attempts I think I probably left a trailing '/', which may be the reason that it didn't work for me. IMO that shouldn't have had an effect - the semantics of the two syntaxes for specifying a folder path are equivalent.

Thanks again for your help, and great software BTW.

- Dave

P.S. I'm not sure where I should report feature requests so I'll just leave one here: It would be great if instead of having a text box in which build triggers are entered manually, do a lookup of the SVN hierarchy starting from the specified VCS root and display a tree view with checkboxes for each node. Then have the Save function create an approach trigger based on the nodes that are checked (included).


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