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I am currently playing around with Teamcity 4 and encountered the coll feature of the tests tab.
When I build projects using an ant runner, the tests tab occurs if any junit test were executed.
If not the tests tab is not present.

However, I have also a project on my buildsystem which is a grails project. Running tests in grails is
simply calling 'grails test-app'.

But unfortunately the test runner seems to report the tests to the teamcity server.

Is there a way to define the presence of the tests tab so that it appears if there is a junit test xml result
file present at a specific location ?

Hope that someone can help me in this ? Maybe somebody else builds grails projects using Teamcity 4.


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Tests tab is shown if TeamCity has detected tests in your build. In most cases for build runners directly supported by TeamCity such detection is automatic. But in some cases, for example, when you start your build by command line runner or if you are using some specific build runner TeamCity can't do this. But there is a workaround. If you can get JUnit like reports from your tests, you should be able to see tests reported with help of this plugin: http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/TW/XML+JUnit+Test+Reporting

Hope this helps.

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Hi Pavel,

thanks for pointing me to the plugin.

But I dont quite get it.

I have an ANT build script within my project. Both developer and the build system uses this script.
In the documentation is a section about sending a message to the server.
Unfortunately I have never worked with messages before but as far as I understand it, I have to add a
message in my build script ?

is this the way of doing it?

a) how does the  message line looks like ? <echo>##teamcity[...]</echo>
b) where do I place the message line ? before and after test execution ?

thanks for your help,


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You can use <echo/> task to send this message. Message can be sent at any time, but placing it before the tests seems to be the best. When plugin detects this message it starts to watch folder specified in the message and begins to report tests as soon as they appear.

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Hello Pavel,

using the echo ant task in my build script triggers the plugin to live record the data.

Is it also possible to point the plugin to the xml test result of the junit execution ?

This would make more sense to me and other build systems also have this feature (such as cruisecontrol)



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