Graph values get rounded

Hi all,

I'm using a graph to display coverage results in the statistics. Usually it is a value like 90.6636 but in the graph it gets rounded to 91. Isn't it possible to round to 90.66 or keep the whole value?
In a NAnt script I echo a service mesage like: <echo message="##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='coveragePercent' value='${CoveragePercent}']" />
Then I use this value in a grap:
  <graph title="Code Coverage">
    <valueType key="coveragePercent" title="% Coverage" />
    <valueType key="functionCoverage" title="% Function coverage" />



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Floting point values are not yet supported for the custom statistics values. Please watch/vote for the issue.

For the time being the only possible workaround is to report integer values (e.g. measure coverage on 0-1000 scale).


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