Get subversion checkout URL using server checkout


We are using server checkout in our builds so we don't have a subversion working directory on the agents, but I'd like to know what the URL that was used to checkout the source code is just like the BUILD_VCS_NUMBER environment variable tells you the revision number that was used.

This is going to be used to index symbols so they can be stored on a symbol server, nothing silly like checking out from subversion.

Is there any way this can be retrieved from the build agent?

Thanks, Jono


Bumping this. I would really appreciate a reply.



  Unfortunately, there is no such a variable which contains VCS checkout root information. You can either provide one manually via System Properties (this requires a lot tedious work), or write a TeamCity plugin which would pass VCS parameters as system properties to build agent.
  Regarding the plugin way, you could probably modify the Groovy-based plugin to provide required functionality:

  Hope this helps,


Thanks Kirill

As expected it would be a lot of work to get this functionality. For now, I am just going to set a system property with the full subversion branch path in TeamCity since this is only going to be set on release branches of which we have very few.



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