How to access list of changes since last build? (with-in a build script)

We've started playing around with developing features on seperate branches. We currently use a Microsoft stack w/ TFS VCS. I have a nant build script that will build any branch if it's given the path to the root of the branch/trunk etc...

below is an example of our VSC tree.

root/tools/Here's where the build script lives...

Teamcity already keeps track of the list of files changed since previous builds. I'd like to know how to get at that information, so I can parse the changes, determine what feature branch(s) need to be C.I.'d and have a single nant script that can manage this.

Any ideas? How can I get the list of changed files since last build?

Note: My end goal is to not have to create new build configurations each time a new branch is created/checked in... I want the C.I. to manage the entire set of feature branches and their respective builds.


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Where do you want to get this infomation on server or on agent? On agent there is a file which contains information about changed files, path to this file can be read from the system property "", read more here:

If you need this on server, then you should write custom plugin, read more about TeamCity extensions here:


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