Build Trigger Rules

I have this scenario where i have an Application and a seperate Utility, The utility is not dependant of the application and is built and versioned seperatly.
In TeamCity i have 2 configurations for building them 1 for the main app and 1 for the utility.  I have a snapshot dependancy setup where everytime the application is built the utilty is built, however this is not ideal as the utilty version will be updated however there is no source changes,

I was wondering if there is any way to put another condition on this and say if application builts successfully and there have been source changes in the utilty then build.



It'look like a feature request...
You may use the tracker to see if this feature is already asked for, and create one if needed.




Please describe your setup in more details. How your snapshot dependency is configured, what options are specified for dependency.
Maybe you can attach here content of the build configuration Settings tab?


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