Visual Studio Plugin no longer detecting changed files.

We've been using team city for around a year and performing remote runs and pretested commits.

At some point while I was off the project, remote runs stopped working and no one knows what happened.

The remote run screen detects no changed files

We're using Teamcity 4.0.2 and SVN 1.5.2 (Unfortunately we cannot upgrade at this time)

Does anyone have any idea why this is occuring?


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Hello, Justin.
First of all, make sure, that your Subversion command line client still detect changes in your solution.
Than, make sure, that "Filter By Solution" doesn't hide detected changes.
Than, make sure, that you turn on Subversion integration in TeamCity add-in.

And of course, it would be great, if you could attach Visual Studio add-in logs here. (You could find them in %Temp%\JetLogs directory)


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