How to exclude tags folder from triggering build?


I recently installed Teamcity 5.0.3. I am trying to setup automated build for a .NET 2.0 VS2005 project. I use NAnt and MSBuild task to perform the build. The project structure is a typical SVN structure

svn://localhost/ITools is my repository and the project structure is


I created a new project in Teamcity and then created a build configuration for that project. I asked it to kick off a build everytime there is a change detected in SVN VisualTrack VCS. I also configured it to create a label in VisualTrack/tags for every successful build. The problem I am running into is that the build is getting trigerred everytime teamcity is creating a new label under tags. I only want the build to be triggered if some developer commits his or her changes into trunk. Next step I took was to create a build trigger rule to exclude the tags path by specifying a trigger pattern as -:VisualTrack/tags/**, but looks like its not working. I beleive the pattern I specified is not correct. Can someone please help me resolve this issue?


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I am just providing additional information
When I configured VCS Root, I specifiedlabeling rules as


Set the Checking interval as use global server setting (60  seconds)

And for Version Control settings, I have
VCS checkout mode as Do not checkout files automatically, VCS labeling mode is Successful only


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You should proabbly use checkout rules for the VCS root of the build configuration to filter out the changes that are not affecting the build. You should probably start with
rule which will checkout the content of the directory into the checkout directory of your buld.

As to VCS triggereing rules, if you believe thay are not working as described on the form, please provide VCS root settings, checkout rules, triggering rules and the screenshot of the files path in the change that triggered the build but should not according to your expectations.


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