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I have a CVS Trigger to start the build based on the changes done by all the users for the project.  I want TeamCity to notify the committer  when build completed/failed. Can you tell me how to accomplish this in TeamCity 5.x?


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Hello Karthik,

TeamCity provides wide range of notification possibilities to keep  informed about the status of the project. Notifications can be sent by e-mail, Jabber/XMPP instant messages and Atom/RSS feeds or can be displayed in the IDE and the Windows system tray. Notifications can be easily configured for the different notifies in the My Settings and Tools page. See Notifier Settings for details.

Hope this help,

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I have seen the various notifications, but my question is how to send out mail to the developer (this user is not part of teamcity users) who made commit?

Maxim Podkolzine
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Hi Karthik,

Obviously, TeamCity can't do this, if the e-mail address of the committer isn't specified anywhere.
Does this work for you: create a TeamCity user for this particular committer, specify his e-mail and corresponding notification rule?



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