clearcase: vob in view not copied at vobtag level to build agent dir

TC 4.5, CC
Even though all of our TC projects have the same structure from an admin perspective, I notice that there is one TC project where the snapshot view has the vob tag and the directory trees below this but the work area for the build agent has the checkout directory and then the directory trees but no vob tag in between. All our other TC projects; the BA work dir reflects the snapshot - ie the vob tag directories are present.
I can not see a difference in the admin, except for directory names.
So the clearcase path is the view root of the snapshot view, the relative path within the view is the vob tag with no slash when setting up the VCS root name. But one copies the vob-tag and below to the agent, the other copies everything a level below the vobtag.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong.

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Seems you have some checkout rules for one of your build configurations.

To check it you should go to build configuration settings page, then to "Version Control Settings" tab. You will see the "Checkout rules" column in VCS roots table and "edit checkout rules" links in the cells of this column.

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you are right - there are checkout rules
But looking at the other projects, they all have the same rule and there the vobtag is part of the build area. With the offending project, it is just the files beneath the vob tag.
John Norris

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Previous post incorrect - the checkout rules for that project had *not* been set so hopefully adding them will sort the problems.
Many thanks.


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